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Clarify 4.6 :: Converting Resources

28th December 2016

According to the shipped documentation,

A simple conversion step in the Studio makes certain existing resources to be compatible with the new transformation engine in Clarify.

This might be the case for some Clarify/EBI users but for some enterprise users with complex/involved processes mind find the process daunting due to dependencies.

The new transformation engine with require conversion of the following objects:

  • Business Process
  • SQL Access
  • Application Interface
  • Ruleset Data Object
  • Database Adapter

The following objects MIGHT be able to be converted. There is no official Cleo conversiong guideline but we can help customers with:

  • Rulesets
  • Application Analysis Rulesets

Note: The Database Adapter can be compliant with older, newer, or both versions of the engine. Refer to How Database Adapters work with the New Engine for more information.

To convert a resource:
1. Select the object in the Studio’s Project Explorer;

Cleo professional services toolkit, right click on business process script

2. Right-click and select Convert.

Cleo Clarify business process conversion to 4.6+

When ran, users will see #content/*bps 2 */ at the top of the business process script

Cleo Clarify Business process text editor context tag

This step must take place for each resource that requires it; however not all resources require this configuration; only certain objects will have compatibility requirements.

Below are links outlining the conversion of specific objects

  • Rulesets
  • Application Analysis Rulesets
  • Business Process Scripts
  • Application Interfaces

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