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Cleo Clarify Events

5th January 2017


A Cleo Clarify Event is an object that starts and passes data to a Business Process. Events are the ‘hooks’ between File Monitor, Database Monitor, Email Receive Monitor, Message Filters and Business Processes.


Example 1: When a purchase order in .csv format (flat file) is received, the source interface object will be a File Monitor. Subsequently, the File Monitor launches an Event – we’ll call this EventPO.


Every event has at least one named property called payload. The payload property is used extensively in File Resource Monitors, and is used to transport the contents a processed file into Clarify. Other named properties include

  • filename
  • directory
  • archive_filename
  • archive_directory

These properties allow you to pass and receive information regarding the name of the received or archived file as well as where the file was received from (in the case of recursive directories) or archived to. If you utilize either of the directory properties, they must be created after you create the filename properties.    

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