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Clarify 4.6+ :: Updating Database Adapters

11th January 2017

Following up on our previous posts about EBI 4.6 upgrades (below), we look at creating/updating database adapters.

Creating Database Adapter

There are 2 ways to create database adapters Wizard and Manually

Creating Database Adapter :: Wizard

When using the database wizard adapter, Clarify 4.6_ will always resort to Version 2.

Cleo Clarify 4.6 Database Wizard

Creating Database Adapter :: Manually

When creating the database adapter manually, users will have the option of Version 1 or Version 2

Cleo Clarify 4.6 manually create database wizard

Updating Database Adapter :: Version 1

Clarify users who have previously developed database adapters before Clarify 4.6 and are looking to upgrade them to Version 2, will have the option to upgrade.

Users can <RIGHT CLICK> on the database adapter and take the option Convert Database Adapter

Cleo Clarify 4.6 Convert Database Adapter

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