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Learn More About the Ruleset Runtime Tabs :: Part 1

27th January 2017

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Basic and Advanced runtime tabs

The Cleo Clarify Runtime tab allows users to customize which Schema nodes Clarify documents and make changes to target XML and flat file documents. Depending on the transformation engine version you’re using, some options may not be available.

In our post below, we will review the Clarify Ruleset Advanced Tab

Advanced Tab

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Advanced runtime tab

Force Application Analysis

This checkbox is applicable to Application Analysis Rulesets, also known as Data Analysis Rulesets.

Prune Unused Schema Nodes

When Clarify compiles a Ruleset, it accounts for all Schema nodes, even unused ones. This can create large compilation documents. For example, if you have 1,000 nodes in your Schemas and only use 20 of them in rules, Clarify still documents all 1,000 nodes in a file when compiling. If you do not want the unused nodes documented, select the Prune Unused Schema Nodes check box.

Using this function cuts down on used memory and improves performance.

Use All Internal Attributes

The Use All Internal Attributes check box is for Technical Support use only.


All Debug options, including Compilation, Transformation, Source Connector, Target Connector, and Constructs are for Technical Support use only.

XML Source

Not implemented.

XML Target

Not implemented.

Flat File Source

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Advanced runtime tab for Flat File Sources

Include Empty Records

By default, this option is unchecked. When unchecked, this option skips a source record when that record consists solely of whitespace characters.

For information about the Runtime panel’s Basic sub-panel functions, see Ruleset Runtime Basic Tab (Connectors and Schema Node Values).

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