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Fixing Zombie/Orphaned Global Variables

1st April 2017

There are times when Cleo Clarify global variables can be duplicated and NOT removed easily from the Clarify Server.

Below we will review the easy way to have them removed from the server.

Connect to Server’s Postgres Server

Clarify users will want to connect to the Clarify’s Postgre server with a SQL client. Instructions on how to connect can be FOUND HERE

Locate GSSV Table

Once GSSV table is located we will want to locate the specific global variable SQL entry

select * from “EBI”.“GSSV” gv
where gv.“GSSVKey” = ‘BPS_Walmart_EDI810’
and gv.“ID” ='abc123ldkfjsdlfkjsldfkj’

After locate the entry for BPS_Walmart_EDI810, we will want to delete it

delete from “EBI”.“GSSV” gv
where gv.“GSSVKey” = 'BPS_Walmart_EDI810’
and gv.“ID” ='abc123ldkfjsdlfkjsldfkj’

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