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Cleo Log of Warehouse

10th August 2017

Production Machine - Archiving

1. automateArchiver.bat
call runArchiver.bat -d 89
call runArchiver.bat -d 90
call runArchiver.bat -d 91
move “E:\DataWarehouse\archives\*” “\CleoWarehouseServer\archives”

2. runArchiver.bat

Warehouse Machine - UnArchiving

1. runUnarchiver.bat

Background :: Archiving

The DataArchiver utility archives database records from the remote EBI Server’s internal database based on a timestamp that you determine when executing.

Examples of DataArchiver:

  • To archive data for a single day: runArchiver yyyyMMdd
  • To archive data for a range of days, where the first parameter is the start date, and the second parameter is the end date: runArchiver yyyyMMdd yyyyMMdd
  • To archive data going back a specified number of days from the current day where the second parameter (x) is the number of days: runArchiver –d x (example: -d 3 = three days)

Background :: UnArchiving

The DataUnarchiver utility takes the archived data (in the form of a .zip file) and unarchives it into the Log Warehouse server database.

The unarchiver then:

  • deletes the \UnarchiveTemp folder and its contents;
  • moves the finished .zip file to the \Processed folder;
  • proceeds to the next .zip file to repeat the process, until complete.

Log results
Each time the unarchiver runs; the DataUnarchiver.log report is generated and placed in the \log directory of the ELW utility installation. This is the directory created as part of Setup and Configuration. Log files are overridden each time the unarchiver runs.

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