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Undocumented Clarify Feature: GetEdiLogsForConnection

15th August 2019

This post was put together to HIGHLIGHT some undocumented Clarify features I have learned over the years.. Ie. GetEdiLogsForConnection

Requirement: When outbound x12 810 data is sent from an outbound Connection Business Process we want to add the x12 EDI Interchange control number to the JDEdwards 810 header table (F47046).

The ICN is not available until after the enveloper process. At this point, we lost the ‘connection’ between the original document and the actual outbound file.

Solution: The process below allows us to trace back to the original document and add the ICN to F7046.DEL1

STEP 1: Connection Business Process

GetEdiLogsForConnection Task in Clarify Connection Business Process Script

We will invoke the GetEdiLogsForConnection task and the connectionLogId will be passed in from the enveloper

The TRICK: To execute GetEdiLogsForConnection we will need to add the task below via text Editor

step {
new com.extol.ebi.lib.user.logs.GetEdiLogsForConnection().execute(eDIStorageID, connectionLogId)
} next : end

STEP 2: Ruleset

Ruleset task in Cleo Clarify Business Process Script
Cleo Clarify Update Ruleset using JDE EDOC and x12 Interchange control number

In the ruleset (ABOVE) we will retrieve the following from the ClarifyEdiUserLogs

  • ICN
  • User_Referece_1

User_Reference_1 is the EDOC that we will use to find the respective F47046 record.

Once these two values are identified we will map them to the the target fields. Once mapped we will then perform the Database Adapter Update process, we call after the ruleset task in the BPS.

If you have more questions about undocumented processes, please feel free to CONTACT US.

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