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Navigating the EBI / Cleo Clarify Postgre Database

30th April 2016

Using your favorite SQL Explorer, such as DbVisualizer or SQuirreL SQL Client, you’re able to access the EBI / Cleo Clarify PostgreSQL Database.  Inside the database, you’ll find helpful values that may be useful for your integration needs such as Trading Partner names, Control Numbers, and other important data stored within.

With a valid PostgreSQL JDBC driver (Click Here) and the database connection parameters, you can access those tables through postgres -> EBI -> TABLE

EBI PostgreSQL Database tables

Inside, you’ll find many tables that will provide useful such as logging data from the Auditor (Log of Acknowledgement, Log of Connection, and Log of Message) and also behind the scenes access to EBI objects and their values.  Below are tables that you may find very useful:

  • CtrlNumGen – This table contains the fully-qualified name of the Control Number Generator and the last number used.  Use this table to access your interchange, group, or message control numbers for your EDI processing.
  • GSSV – This table contains the Key and Values for your Global Variables.
  • NEXT_NUMBER – This table contains the Next Number Key, Value, and Description.
  • TRADING_PARTNER – This table contains the Trading Partner ID and Values.

 For FREE OF CHARGE, we will provide the database connection parameters and show you how to access these files.  Please Contact Us to set-up a time to review the process and help you take your integration to the next level!

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group will be in attendance at Cleo / EXTOL University in Las Vegas.  Come say hello and inquire about what we can do for you!

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