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EBI / Cleo Clarify Postgre Database – NEXT_NUMBER Table

18th May 2016

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group

In a previous tip, we detailed how to view the TRADING_PARTNER table from the internal Postgre database to your EBI / Cleo Clarify Server. This data displayed can be very helpful when researching fully-qualified resource names, and their values, which contain every deployed and installed Trading Partner.

For FREE OF CHARGE, we will show users how to configure DB Visualizer, SQL Explorer, to access this database. Contact us to set-up a time to review the process.

The next table we’ll discuss is the NEXT_NUMBER table.  Using this table, you can quickly identify last numbers that were generated for Order Numbers, Invoice Numbers, or any other use reasons on why you may be using the Next Number in your integration.  This table contains five columns.  And they are:

  • NN_KEY – This value will contain the fully-qualified name of the Next Number object.  It will display the Project, Package, Next Number object name, and then the Key listed inside of the Next Number (in that order).  The Key is shown below as it’s listed in our Next Number used for Amazon.
AmazonNN Next Number
  • NN_VALUE – This value will be the last value that was populated when used from a Ruleset, Business Process, or Adapter.  This is the value that is also populated in the Next Number object.

  • NN_BLOCKSIZE – This value contains the incremented number that will be added to the value once the Next Number is used.  A value of 100 will increment the value by 100 each time.

  • NN_BLOCKNUMBER – This value, if different than 1, can multiple by the NN_BLOCKSIZE to increment the NN_VALUE.  A value of 2 for the NN_BLOCKNUMBER, and a value of 100 in the NN_BLOCKSIZE will increment the NN_VALUE by 200.

  • NN_DESCRIPTION – This value is the free-form description that can be populated on the Next Number.

Having access to this table allows you quick and easy access to view Next Number names, and their values.

NEXT_NUMBER Clarify table

Two different Next Numbers are provided and used internally for processing (1000 and LOG_OF_CONNECTION).  

Although the NN_DESCRIPTION is designed to contain the description of the value populated in the Next Number object, it is not obtained during deployment, as shown below..

Amazon Next Number DBVisualizer comparison null values

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