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EBI / Cleo Clarify Postgre Database – CtrlNumGen Table

25th May 2016

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group

In previous tips, we’ve navigated through numerous tables in the Cleo Clarify PostgreSQL database, such as the Next Numbers, Trading Partner, and GSSV (Global Variables) tables.  Accessing these tables provides  visibility into what has been deployed and installed to your server environment and allows you to view helpful data within.

To learn how to access this environment, contact us to set-up a time to review the process with you for free!

This tip will focus another very useful table, the CtrlNumGen table.  This table has access to view Control Number Generators, and their values in one easy to access location.  This table contains the last outbound EDI Interchange, Group, and Message Control Numbers that have processed through your environment.  This table contains four columns.  And they are:

  • id – This value contains the internal value used to identify this Control Number Generator for use in other EBI objects, such as the EDI Enveloper.

  • name – This value contains the fully-qualified name of the Control Number Generator, and it’s value by Project, Package, Control Number Generator object, and its value within.

  • algorithm – This value contains a 0, as it is not being used in EBI 3.1 and later versions.  This value is a hold-over from EBI 2.6 and earlier.

  • lastNumber– This value contains the last number as it’s associated with the Control Number for your outbound EDI documents.  This value, much like the Next Number, contains the previous number instead of the upcoming number.  If used properly, this can easily show you the last interchange, group, and message control numbers for your trading partners and documents.
CtrlNumGen Control Number Generators Clarify table

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