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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Connection Issues

9th July 2016

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and attempting to connect from Cleo Clarify, you may have experienced an issue.  Regardless of how you configure your Data Source, the resolution resides within the authentication on SQL Server.

Cleo Clarify and older versions of EXTOL Business Integrator are unable to use Windows authentication for the username and password when logging into Microsoft SQL Server 2014.  Therefore, in your Microsoft SQL Server 2014 server configuration, SQL Server Authentication needs to be selected with the proper values, as pictured below.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Authentication for Cleo Clarify

In an upcoming tip, we’ll show you the Data Source parameters, including the URL path that should be used.  We’ll also provide the JTDS Driver that can be used as the JDBC Driver that will allow for proper connection.

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