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Configuring Cleo Clarify and EXTOL Secure

15th August 2016

In previous versions of EXTOL Business Integrator, EBI and EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX) performed synchronous communications and this allowed EDI Endpoint Targets to have ‘instant’ access to the AS2 partnership names.

In Cleo Clarify (Extol Business Integrator 4), the communications is less synchronous.

Below is how data flows inbound/outbound between Clarify and ESX.

Inbound Processing:
Data is passed from ESX to Clarify. When the data is received we process the data via Message Filter (below)

Cleo Clarify AS2 message Filter

We documented the process here:


Outbound Processing:
When we send outbound data from Clarify to ESX we need to reference the ESX Partnership. This is achieved via the export of the ESX partnership list and importing it into your studio.. This would occur each time a new AS2 partnership is created… 

EXTOL Secure Exchange Export Partnership List

Below is a write-up of the process:


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