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Pass Variables Between Clarify Business Processes and Rulesets

23rd April 2017


To process Cleo Clarify variables between Business Processes and Rulesets we use Context Points.

2 types of Clarify variables supported in the ruleset are:

  • Environment variables
  • Global Variables

Note: To support global variables we use Ruleset Data Objects

Business Process:

Below are the Clarify Business Process tasks that can be used to create, set, and inspect Context Points in a Business Process, and interface with Environment Variables and RDO variables, used in a Ruleset.


Inspects an entry in the Ruleset’s assigned (RDO) and then populates the Result parameter with that value in the Business Process task. The value is taken from the glb (or env) folders.

Creates a Context Point object in an internal Storage Manager and returns a reference to a StorageNode.

Sets a value in a Context Point. This is the reverse of the GetContextPointValue. It takes a value from the Business process and sets it into the context point (the specific RDO for the Ruleset)

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