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Clarify Ruleset Action - MATCHES

4th December 2019

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Conditions

When developing Cleo Clarify rulesets, we try to implement best practices. One of those best practices is avoiding custom coding such as formulas, or JAVA Actions (Version 2 rulesets).


In the example below, we are capturing N1 data where the N101 can possibly be ST or BS.

Cleo Clarify Ruleset mappings for N1 elements


Previously, we might have set-up a new formula, JAVA Action (Version 2), or 2 entire set-ups – 1 for ST and 1 for BS.

With the MATCHES rule condition, where we use the regEx value of ST|BS.

If ST or BS is present, we will map all the rules in Composite rule #77

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Match Condition for N1 segment

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