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The Ultimate Cleo Clarify Clean Process

2nd November 2019

In working with a customer we saw the common occurrence of objects in ebi-gen (sample below) showing up as errors. These errors were not of our making, but it was causing projects not fully compile and be deployable to the Cleo Clarify server.

We took the common step (below) and tried the ‘Project Clean’ but the errors still persisted.


Here are the steps to fix this all-too-common-occurrence

1. <Right Click> on the Cleo Clarify Project, and choose 'Properties’

2. Locate Java Build Path on the left-side panel (see below)


3. In the right-panel, choose the 'Source’ tab and locate the ebi-gen entry
3a. Once the ebi-gen entry is highlighted, <Click> the Remove button.

4. Go back to the respective Cleo Clarify project and the ebi-gen folder will now be present (below).


5. Delete the ebi-gen folder and run a Clarify Project Clean


As our group comes across new Cleo Clarify / Eclipse features we want to share them with fellow Clarify users.

Many thanks to A.R.

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