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Debugging Server Auditor Errors - Beginner

21st July 2019

Cleo Clarify offers easy and detailed review of errors from the Admin Console’s Auditor. In our post below we will cover BEGINNER/NOVICE error review. This type of review would be typical at the beginning of the day, or end of day. It allows the Clarify user to check for errors within a certain timeframe.

Below are posts on more advanced Server checking:

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Clarify Admin Console

The Auditor can be accessed via Cleo Clarify’s Admin Console (below)



Once users access the Admin Console, they will click on the Auditor tab (below)


Filter for Incomplete Processes

For this post, we will focus on Incomplete processes. From the middle pane we will click on the Filter icon (below)

Incomplete Log entries

After we filter for incomplete tasks, we will be presented with all the incomplete processes.

  • Blue Dots - Processes that have not been completed (still active)
  • Red Dots - - Processes that have have error’d 

Below we show the tasks that error’d


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