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How to Reprocess Inbound EDI in Clarify Auditor

6th August 2019

In our scenario below we will walk Cleo Clarify users thru processing an inbound EDI (x12 or EDIFACT) transaction error.

This error could have happened for any reason. After the root cause has been fixed we want to identify the individual EDI transaction (ST/SE) and reprocess it.

Step 1: Auditor

Access the Auditor tab from the Admin Console.

Step 2: Log Filter Group - Inbound EDI

Cleo CLarify Auditor log filter group

From the Log Filter Group we want to select Inbound EDI

Step 3:  Quick Search - Log Type

Cleo CLarify Auditor quick search log type

Once Inbound EDI is selected from the Log Filter Group, we will want to select the Log Type.

We will want to choose from 1 Log Types of the 3 Log Types options below:

  • Interchange
  • Group
  • Message

Step 4: Log Type - Message

Cleo CLarify Auditor log type message

In our scenario we chose Message.

After choosing Message we then want to click the highlighted icon above - Add Column Expression

Once we choose Add Column Expression we then want to select Status -> Not Equals -> Completed.

Step 5: Re-Process Failed EDI Message

Cleo CLarify Auditor reprocess inbound EDI message

Once we choose Status -> Not Equals -> Completed we will be shown all inbound EDI transactions that are not Complete.

We will select the Failed inbound EDI message and click the Reprocess Log Icon

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